Introducing FLYZ: The reserve currency of the NFT community

A plan to unify the NFT community under the vision of financial freedom.

CreatureToadz started as a meme.

I never thought it would reach the level of success it did. At the time I had a simple idea, combine Creature World, with Cryptoadz, and unite the two communities.

The first CreatureToadz

When I posted the first crossover illustration, it was complete madness.

It spread on Twitter like wildfire.

Seeing that reaction, I realized people were in need of something new in the NFT space, something exciting, something that, at the time, was never done before. Bringing two projects together to create something new and unique, both from an artistic perspective and from a community-building perspective. Can a creature and a toad merge into something aesthetically pleasing? Can two disparate communities with thousands of people actually unite?

CreatureToadz inspired countless other projects and now “crossover NFTs” is a pretty popular sub-genre.

To this day the project has generated more than 3,000 ETH in volume, together with a strong social presence.

20k followers on Twitter and 50k members in our discord.

So what did I, Semper, do after the initial success?

I went back to building.

As the project evolved, we had to find our voice, what we really were.

And to be honest, being a derivative project makes it hard to survive on “art” only, so I went back to what was the core of CreatureToadz’ success, something that took NFTs and the community in a new direction.

Founding our voice

When CreatureToadz launched I had a simple but ambitious promise:

Promote CreatureToadz as a symbol for other communities to unite

And ultimately the essence of CreatureToadz is to be that symbol, a voice to bring communities together, through innovation and combination.

Not just for the sake of it, but to reach the goals and the vision that this space has the potential to deliver: financial freedom for an unprecedented amount of people.

SwampDao & FLYZ

I am a builder. I am passionate about tech. I am passionate about DeFi and the promises it brings. Because of that, via CreatureToadz, I am building an $OHM Fork under a DAO called Swamp DAO.

We will release a new token, called $FLYZ (FLZ) which can be staked based on the technology created by Olympus.

Why Olympus DAO

OlympusDAO introduced new tokenomics to the crypto community, and this financial model shows extreme promise.

SwampDao is focusing on creating a token with strong tokenomics to create a positive flywheel for treasury growth, for some of the most foundational communities in NFTs.

If you stake your $FLYZ in our Swamp, your $FLYZ will multiply and create more $FLYZ (sFLZ) for you.

Staking running on my local environment

The NFT community as a network and demand catalyzer

As a community, we’ve selected projects from every corner of the NFT space and whitelisted holders, so they can claim the $FLYZ token. So far we have 12 projects on board (a few more to be announced).

List of announced communities on the day of writing.

This brings the maximum amount of possible holders to around 50k so far.

The assumption here is that the instant supply/demand will drive the value of the token, combined with the incentive of the staking ability to earn rewards over time (more $FLYZ).

How claiming will work

When the token launches any whitelisted community will be able to claim $FLYZ. The token amount will change following this formula, per wallet:

Total amount of $FLYZ = C (Number of CreatureToadz) + C (N of BabyToadz) + C ( N of Apes) + C ( N of other NFT) + …..

Where “C” is a coefficient/multiplier. The most basic rule is that the CreatureToadz and BabyToadz multipliers are higher than for any other project. This is great news for CreatureToadz and BabyToadz holders!

Fork functionality

On the basic level, $OHM forks consist of two main functionalities.

Staking and Bonding.

Staking is what I described before (earn more FLYZ over time), bonding, though, is where $OHM’s power truly shines.

Via bonding, Olympus helped projects own their own liquidity by offering certain assets at a discount.

This is an extremely important factor since many projects fail because of a dissolution or degradation of their liquidity.

Having bonds in place will ensure more stable and manageable liquidity in the long term.

Note: The assets to which you’ll be able to bond for $FLYZ will be announced in the upcoming days.

The future

If this project proves successful there are a lot of things we should be proud of as a community:

First, it validates and stress tests the OHM model, even for communities that are not pure DeFi (e.g. NFT collectors).

Second, it validates that when the NFT communities come together we can truly, most definitely make it.

If you want to stay updated on Swamp Dao, please follow our Twitter or come say hi in the CreatureToadz discord.


How will the value of CreatureToadz/BabyToadz be affected after the token drop?

There are already plans in place that will connect the Toadz ecosystem to SwampDAO in the best possible way. More on that will be shared at the right time.

Is Olympus safe?

Olympus has been audited multiple times by the best agencies in the market. As a general rule, when forking contracts even minor changes will require a new audit.

Right now we are working in the best interest and safety of everyone who will take part in this.

When the time comes, we will request an audit as well.

Where there be any public sale?

For now, the intention is to not have a public sale, and once we finalize the tokenomics, a small % (2–5) will be kept for the team. The rest is set aside for the treasury and public claim.

How many tokens will be created initially?

The number has not yet been announced, follow our official Twitter page, or check the discord for updates.

How many communities will be added to the final list?

The goal is to shoot for 15–20.

When will SwampDAO launch?

Aiming at January 2022.

Semper, why do you work so hard?

Everyone says WAGMI, but very few embrace that mentality and actually work hard for that goal. I am never gonna stop until we truly have all made it.

Thanks for reading,

Semper Augustus 🐸🪰

Here for the art. Creator of CreatureToadz, BabyToadz and SwampDAO

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Semper Augustus

Semper Augustus

Here for the art. Creator of CreatureToadz, BabyToadz and SwampDAO

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